Surface Smoothing 3D Printing Service



Get 3D Printed Parts, With NO Layer Lines.






Do you want to 3D print your part, but not sure if the appearance of the part fits your requirement?

Or you have past experience 3D printing your parts, and were disappointed by the appearance due to all the layer lines?



Everyone will run into this problem at some point.

The following scenario may be familiar to you.


You have a design, and you are excited to get it 3D printed.

It is even probably your first time.


Eventually, you found a 3D printing service provider.

You discussed with them about the resolution, and requested for high resolution.

Then, you placed an order.

And after a few days, you received your part.


You look at the printed part.

And you notice…,

The part looks TERRIBLE.



You see layer lines, everywhere…

You see some random strings and blobs.

You even see gaps and holes around the part.

And overall, it’s just unacceptable.


You needed a part that is presentable, to show to you clients/customers.

But what you received, is not presentable.


Now you are really frustrated.

You wanted a part that is presentable, but you could just never seem to get it through 3D printing.


Eventually, you conclude that 3D printed parts are not presentable, and will never use it in applications where aesthetics is important.




I get it, it can be incredibly frustrating.

You watched videos after videos of people 3D printing parts that look awesome.

But the parts you receive, don’t look like theirs.


And you are not alone.

Because most people run into this problem too.



But, I have good news for you.

Because great looking 3D printed part can be achieved, with our Surface Smoothing 3D Printing Service.





Surface Smoothing 3D Printing Service in Selangor



RP Space is a 3D printing service provider in Selangor, Malaysia.

Through the use of our comprehensive post-processing, you could get 3D printed parts that look AWESOME.


With surface finish comparable to those of injection moulded parts, the 3D printed parts you get from us is both presentable, and Market-Ready.


So when you get our 3D printed parts.

You can be sure of one important thing:

NO Layer Lines.




Create Market-Ready End-Use Products,

Without The Upfront Cost of Production Manufacturing.





What Others Are Saying


“The 3D printing product was superb and very neat.

Plus the part was delivered on time and the after sales service provided was good.

Pleasure to work with them.”


QC Engineer

Tonasco (M) Sdn Bhd




“They helped me work on one of my ideas which I have kept with me for more than 2 years.

Also, the 3D printed parts looked beautiful.

They are very nice and easy to work with. I always get exactly what I want.”






Stunning Looking Parts.


Available in White,

For achieving a clean looking part.




For achieving a cool looking part.










Although our machines have a specified build volume, large parts can be separated digitally into smaller pieces to be printed.

These smaller pieces can then be assembled to form the final part.


With our Surface Smoothing, your final part will look like one single piece.

This means there is now no limit on the size of the part that you can print with!







Aesthetics and Durability Combined,

To Create Functional End-Use Parts.


Our 3D printed parts are printed in durable material, to ensure hassle free experience handling it, and to allow a wider range of applications.

From material with High Impact Resistance to material with High Heat Resistance, we have the materials required to handle any harsh conditions.





Example Applications of Surface Smoothing 3D Printing


Display Models


Display models are custom made products, which makes 3D printing a great choice.

Pairing that with our Surface Smoothing, you can expect to have a stunning looking display models from us.

Printed in durable material also means easier handling, and far lower chance of breaking the model.




Cosplay Props


3D printing and cosplay props are a great match, allowing individual to create complex-shaped props with ease.

With the layer lines all hidden, you will be confident that the photo of you in cosplay will look amazing.

And breaking your props during your big day? That is going to be a thing of the past.




Custom Casing/Enclosures


Whenever you are creating a new product, chances are, you will need some custom enclosures to cover up the internal components, and to give your product an amazing appearance.

While layer lines make 3D printing a less favourable choice for this application, our Surface Smoothing 3D printing service makes it the absolute best choice for this application.




End-Use Products


Think 3D printing is not suitable for End-Use Product?

It may not be suitable back then.

But with our Surface Smoothing 3D printing service, it is an excellent choice for custom, low volume End-Use Product.





Delivered Right To Your Doorstep

Don’t worry about picking up your 3D printed parts.

We will arrange delivery service to deliver your parts right to your doorstep.






Finding a Good 3D Printing Service Provider can be Tricky.

Therefore, get a Free 3D Printed Sample before You Decide.




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