3D Printing Service in Malaysia


3D Printing Service in Malaysia


Turn Your Ideas Into An Actual Part

Let us help you turn your ideas into an actual part,
without the upfront cost and long lead time of traditional manufacturing,
and without requiring any skills or prior knowledge on your end.


Are you working for a company that is looking to create a custom part, product or prototype?

But do not have the skill sets and expertise to create the part in-house?

Do not have the design file? Or you do not know where to start, and need some guidance from someone?

Or you have all these capabilities in-house, but the machine you have in your company is so unreliable, you are looking for someone else to help fulfill the printing?


If so, you are at the right place.



RP Space is a 3D Printing Service Provider located in Selangor, Malaysia.

Let us help you turn your ideas into a physical part, without all the hassle of doing it in-house.




Why 3D Print?

1. Short Lead Time for Low Volume Part

  • No more waiting for weeks for moulds and tooling, get your first 3D printed prototype within days!
  • Especially great for low volume end use parts such as jigs and fixtures.
  • Impress your boss and clients by providing quick solution to a problem.


2. Production on Demand

  • Looking to 3D print consumer product? Print just a small amount to test the product-market fit, before committing to high volume production.
  • The short lead time also means you can keep your inventory low, and produce the parts only when there is a demand.


3. Little to No Design Constraints

  • Design freedom allows for complex and better designs.
  • Use it to your advantage to reduce part count and reduce assemblies, which is difficult with other production methods.



Are you looking to 3D Print,

  • Prototypes?
  • Industrial Models?
  • Jigs and Fixtures?
  • Custom Designed Parts?
  • Or even Consumer Products?


If yes, let us help you convert your ideas into an actual part!



– Bryan



We have helped countless of people,
who do not have any skills or prior knowledge on their end,
to create their own custom part(s) within days or weeks (not months).


Let us help you create yours today!





Our Services


3D Design Service

No expertise in-house to create the 3D digital file of your ideas?

The 3D digital file is the most important part of the process that ensures a successful fabrication of the part, whether it is for 3D printing or other manufacturing methods.


With our 3D Design Service, you can directly tap into the expertise of our industrial designers to create a high quality 3D digital file of your part.


Also, no more unfunctional, low resolution 3D files.

Get a high quality 3D file format from us that can be use anywhere, by any vendors, for any manufacturing methods.





Part Prototyping / 3D Printing Service

Looking to go beyond just the 3D digital file?

And would like to actually create a physical prototype that you can hold on your hand for testing?

That is what we do!


Let us help you create the physical prototype via 3D printing.

So you can have a part that you can hold on your hand to test, feel and visualize with.

And then iterate the design and prototyping until you are completely satisfied with it.






Post Processing and Assembly Service

Looking to bring it further?

And do not want your part to be just 3D printed part?

Let’s do it!


We can enhance the appearance via post-processing such as sanding and spray painting.

And enhance the function/usefulness via assembly, and inclusion of mechanical parts such as bearing, bolts and nuts, etc.

Or any other value added services that will help enhance the value of the part, we can help with that!





At this point, it will be sufficient for most people.

But if you are looking to bring this further and looking to make multiple units of your part, we can help too.






Low Volume, On-Demand Production

After multiple iterations of prototype testing, you finally nailed down onto the final design.

Now you are looking to produce multiple units of it?


We got it! We can help with producing a small batch of your parts via 3D printing.

And we can produce them On-Demand!

No need to keep unnecessary inventories, just let us know whenever you need a new batch of parts (while accounting for the lead time required for the production).






What Others Are Saying


“They did a great job in every single aspect, and with a very quick turnover.

I highly recommend to others who are looking for their service.”


Managing Director

Amware Industries Sdn Bhd




“RP Space is a sincere 3D printing solution provider.

They spent the extra time and material and their best to workout the product for custom requirements.

Professionally, they would recommend another provider for requirement beyond what they can do.”





“Great quality, solid parts delivered on time.

A really good service and I would recommend”





“They helped me work on one of my ideas which I have kept with me for more than 2 years.

Also, the 3D printed parts looked beautiful.

They are very nice and easy to work with. I always get exactly what I want.”





“The 3D printing product was superb and very neat.

Plus the part was delivered on time and the after sales service provided was good.

Pleasure to work with them.”


QC Engineer

Tonasco (M) Sdn Bhd




We have helped countless of people,
who do not have any skills or prior knowledge on their end,
to create their own custom part(s) within days or weeks (not months).


Let us help you create yours today!







STEP/STP File Ready

We have the ability to process (and even encourage the use of) STEP/STP files.

No more saving STL files separately just for 3D printing, use STEP/STP files for all your vendors, including us.





Delivered Right To Your Doorstep

Don’t worry about picking up your 3D printed parts.

We will arrange delivery service to deliver your parts right to your doorstep.





Working Parts Guarantee


We understand that even with all these benefits, risks still exists.

Therefore, we are providing a Working Parts Guarantee.


We will keep working until you get a part that works,

or, if we could not make it work, you will get a Full Refund.







From Idea, to Prototype, to Final Working Part, to Low Volume Production
(Or Anything in Between)


Looking to make your product ideas a reality?

But don’t want the commitment and upfront cost of high volume production?


We are the bridge between your idea and high volume production.

We will help you through the whole journey from ideas to prototype, to a final working part, and then to low volume production (if required).




We will first turn your ideas into a 3D Design for you to visually validate.

Then the 3D Design will be 3D Printed for physical prototype testing and validation.


After prototype testing, the design will then be revised and 3D printed again and again.

Until you are completely satisfied with the final outcome.

Upon finalizing the design, we will send you the final 3D digital file.



If required, we can help to enhance the value of your part with our post processing and assembly service.

Either by enhancing its appearance, or enhancing its function/usefulness, we can help.


At this point, you should have a part that is working as you desire.

However, if you wish to bring this one step further and create multiple units of your part, we can help you with low volume on-demand production directly via 3D printing.




If you are doing this for a product, and the product launch is successful, congratulations!

You can now get into high volume production.

Feel free to directly use the 3D digital file to get quotes for high volume production elsewhere.


But most importantly, don’t let the high upfront cost of traditional manufacturing stop you from getting started.

You may delay your product’s Time To Market, and miss out on First Mover Advantage.

Let us help you get started.





Need Some Guidance?

Need some guidance to see how our services could fit your project?

We will guide you from start to finish.

Just click the button below to talk to us today.