High Strength 3D Printing Service in Malaysia


High Strength 3D Printing Service in Malaysia



RP Space is a 3D printing service provider located in Selangor, Malaysia.

We specialize in 3D printing high strength, engineering grade material to allow for a wider range of applications.



What Others Are Saying


“They did a great job in every single aspect, and with a very quick turnover.

I highly recommend to others who are looking for their service.”


Managing Director

Amware Industries Sdn Bhd



“They helped me work on one of my ideas which I have kept with me for more than 2 years.

Also, the 3D printed parts looked beautiful.

They are very nice and easy to work with. I always get exactly what I want.”





How 3D Printing Service Works?

3D printing service is basically a service used to help you produce a part using 3D printing technology.

You will provide the design of the part you desire to 3D print (along with technical drawing showing tolerances at critical areas, if applicable), and then we will 3D print the part for you based on your design.

You could also request for our service to prepare the 3D model from scratch, in order to be 3D printed.



Benefits and Applications of High Strength 3D Printing

First of all, 3D printing is not a manufacturing technology that will replace all others, like how some people tend to hype about the technology.

No matter which industry you are in, you should approach each manufacturing technology as a method to complement each another.

Focus on assessing the strengths of each manufacturing methods, and use their specific strengths for specific applications, in order to achieve the best possible outcome.



In terms of 3D printing, its strength is mainly the ability to produce custom parts at a very short lead time.

People tend to focus too much on 3D printing’s ability to produce very complex parts.

Although that is very true, you will less likely find many applications based on that strength alone.

Instead, focusing on 3D printing’s ability to produce custom parts at a very short lead time opens up way more applications for you to integrate 3D printing.



Get Your Strong Parts Within Days, Not Weeks or Months.



To provide some example applications, parts that can be 3D printed are for example, Jigs and Fixture, Functional Prototypes, End Effectors, and Spare Parts On-Demand Production.

Although these applications requires some amount of strength, our focus on 3D printing engineering grade materials has made 3D printing for this applications possible, allowing these applications to be completed at a much shorter lead time.


Also, our emphasis on dimensional accuracy on these engineering grade materials (which will be discussed later) allow for a seamless transition for these applications.





Example Applications of High Strength 3D Printing


Custom Jigs and Fixtures

3D printing is great for custom jigs and fixtures.

Engineering grade materials have sufficient strength and durability to handle most task required by jigs and fixtures.

At the same time, 3D printed jigs and fixtures can be completed in a far shorter lead time than one that is CNC machined.



Functional Prototypes

3D printing is great for rapid prototyping.

Being able to print with engineering grade materials allow for printing of prototype that needs to handle some serious load, and to perform actual, functional testing.



End Effector / End of Arm Tooling

3D printing and End Effectors are perfect match.

3D printing removes majority of the design constraints of CNC machining.

Also, most engineering grade materials have a very high strength to weight ratio, which allows for a functional, and light End Effector.



Spare Parts On-Demand Production

3D printing spare parts is great, because you do not have to stock up a huge inventory of spare parts.

Instead, you can store them as digital 3D files and get them 3D printed on-demand.

This makes it more cost-effective to 3D print spare parts.


Besides, 3D printing allows you to further customize the spare parts, to make it function better than the original design.

You could also 3D print spare parts that are already obsolete.

All without the high cost involved in other manufacturing methods.


Look at how one of our customer repaired his broken coffee grinder by 3D printing the spare part for it (video below).

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About Our 3D Printing Service


1. Our 3D Printing Technology

The 3D printing technology we are using is FDM (Fused Deposition Modelling).

This 3D printing technology is one of the fastest 3D printing technology, which allows for a quick turnaround time.

Also, this 3D printing technology is currently one that is able to print with the widest range of materials.


However, there is one of the downside to this technology, and that is the tolerance.

It has a tolerance of approximately ±0.2mm, which is quite large as compared to CNC machining.

However, this is precisely one of the areas we focus a lot on to further expand its potential application.




2. Our emphasis on dimensional accuracy

With a great 3D printing technology to provide parts within a very short lead time, it is a pity that the tolerance makes it unusable in many applications.

Which is why we put a lot of emphasis on dimensional accuracy.


All printed parts were checked to make sure the tolerance is within ±0.1mm, to further increase its usability.

For certain geometry, we will push the tolerance limit down to ±0.05mm.

However, if you are looking to push the tolerance even further for some extremely critical parts, we suggest you proceed with CNC machining instead.

If you are wondering how we achieve such tolerance beyond what the printer is capable of, we will explain it in the next point.




3. We accept STEP file of your design, not STL

If you have engaged in a 3D printing service previously, you know that the common file format for 3D printing is STL file.

However, we are not accepting STL file, instead we are accepting a more universally accepted STEP file.


This is for two reasons.

First, if you have used a CNC machining service previously, they likely asked for STEP file (along with technical drawing showing tolerances at critical areas, if applicable).

This allows for a seamless transition and avoid the clutter of saving a file in both STL and STEP file format.


Second, it gives us more control over the dimensional accuracy.

As mentioned previously, we put a lot of emphasis on dimensional accuracy.

And to do that, we will need to push beyond the capabilities of 3D printing technology, with some help from the modification of the 3D model.



With our in-depth understanding of our machine, the software and the entire printing process, we are able to achieve the dimensional accuracy with some help from the modification of the 3D model.

This ensures that parts come out exactly the right size (within a small tolerance) for your application.


Don’t worry, we know what we are doing, we won’t modify it in such a way that it is dimensionally accurate in certain area, but completely dimensionally off in other areas.

Also, we will not modify the part such that it becomes a different shape.

We will make sure the part is accurate throughout, and especially on the critical areas, while ensuring the geometry of the design is exactly the same as the one submitted to us.




4. We print with engineering grade thermoplastic

In order to open up more potential applications of 3D printing, besides satisfying the dimensional accuracy, part strength is another concern.

Although part strength is a function of both the design and the material, we place a lot of emphasis on the material, since the design is not always dependent on us.


If you have used a 3D printing service previously, you know the common materials, PLA, ABS, PETG.

Pretty much these three.



However, we focus more on engineering grade thermoplastics that have strength and impact resistance far beyond the three common ones mentioned above.

One of our focus is Carbon Fibre Reinforced Nylon (CF-Nylon).

Mainly due to its great balance between strength and impact resistance.


Nylon is a famous material used in a wide range of industrial applications mainly due to its high impact resistance, wear resistance, and chemical resistance.

The addition of chopped carbon fibre allowed for increase strength and stiffness, making it suitable for a very wide range of applications.


However, if you have a specific material required for specific applications, you could suggest to us for custom material 3D printing.

We will be able to source it and print it for you based on the suggested material.

Some examples of other materials are Polycarbonate, Polypropylene, Flexibles (Rubber-Like), etc.


Even with all these, we understand that risks still exist.

Parts might not be as accurate as you want.

The material might not perform as good as what you expected.

And possibly other concerns that you might have.

So we are providing the following guarantee.




5. Working Parts Guarantee

Our Working Parts Guarantee is a guarantee that your parts will work as you want it to be (make sure to discuss with us clearly beforehand about your expectations, to prevent disappointment).


If your parts end up not working up to your expectation, we are committed to help you continuously re-print the parts for FREE, until you get a working part that works exactly like how you want it to work.

Or if after receiving your first part, you noticed the part is way too far from your expectation, and further re-prints will likely not result in a working part, then let us know, we will provide a full refund.


In essence, you are guaranteed to get a working part from us, or else, we will work for free.




How to place order?

Are you located in Malaysia and interested in our 3D printing service?


If you are interested in our high strength 3D printing service after reading the above details, we suggest that you reach out to us to request for a free sample first.

That way, you can assess the material before committing to our service.


Just send an email to service@rpspace3d.com, and we will provide the free sample to you.