High Strength 3D Printing Service in Malaysia


Are you tired of the long lead time of custom jigs and fixtures?

Are you tired of 3D printed prototypes that break easily and wanted a stronger material?

Or are you tired of the design constraints when designing End of Arm Tooling, and could not achieve a light weight design?


Let’s remove all these issues once and for all


Imagine being able to,

  1. Shave off weeks of lead time for your custom jigs and fixtures
  2. Get your prototype printed in a strong and durable material, that allows for real, functional testing.
  3. Lift off all design constraints and create an extremely light End of Arm Tooling.


If any of these sounds like something you need, you are at the right place.




Hi there, we are a 3D printing service provider specialized in printing Engineering Grade Polymer (specifically Carbon Fibre Reinforced Nylon).


Carbon Fibre Reinforced Nylon (CF-PA) is a material which combines the stiffness and strength of carbon fibre, together with the impact resistance and chemical resistance of Nylon.




Why 3D Print?


1. Short Lead Time

  • Get your parts faster
  • Impress your boss by providing quick solution to a problem
  • Helps you impress and land more clients/customers because of your reduced lead time



2. Lighter Parts

  • Higher robotic arm payload, with lighter End of Arm Tooling
  • Increase your operator’s productivity with lighter jigs and fixtures



3. Little to No Design Constraints

  • Create complex and better designs
  • No more worries on constant redesign
  • Reduce part count and reduce assemblies




Example Applications

Custom Jigs and Fixtures

3D printing CF-PA is great for custom jigs and fixtures.

It has sufficient strength and durability to handle most task required by jigs and fixtures.

At the same time, 3D printed jigs and fixtures can be completed in a far shorter lead time than one that is CNC machined.



Functional Prototypes

3D printing is great for rapid prototyping.

Being able to print with CF-PA allows for printing of prototype that needs to handle some serious load, and to perform actual, functional testing.



End of Arm Tooling

3D printing CF-PA and End of Arm Tooling are perfect match.

3D printing removes majority of the design constraints of CNC machining.

Also, the CF-PA has a very high strength to weight ratio, which allows for a functional, and light End of Arm Tooling.





Working Parts Guarantee


Get 3D printed part that works,

or we will provide unlimited free re-prints until the part works exactly the way you want.





Get Your Own 3D Printed Parts

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