FAQ - RP Space

Q: I am interested in your 3D printing service, what do I need to do?

  • Save your 3D model in STEP file format
  • And then send the file to our email at service@rpspace3d.com

Q: What is the maximum size of the 3D model that I can print?

  • Our 3D printer has a maximum printable volume of 250mm*210mm*210mm.
  • If your model exceeds these dimensions, feel free to email us at service@rpspace3d.com to discuss. We might be able to print your 3D model in separate pieces and join them back after printing.
Our Maximum Printable Volume

Q: What is the material used to print my parts?

  • The material used is ASA (Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate).
  • ASA is a material with high impact resistance, temperature resistance and UV resistance.
  • ASA is great for outdoor applications, or applications where good mechanical properties are needed.

Q: How much clearance is required for my parts to fit together?

  • You can refer to the following guide for the clearance required for difference types of fitting.
    • Loose Fit (0.35mm clearance)
    • Snug Fit (0.25mm clearance)

Q: Are the printed parts food safe?

  • No, please do not use the printed parts to come into contact with any food.
  • This is because printed parts are manufactured layer by layer, which allows bacteria to build up in between those layers.