High Resolution (SLA) 3D Printing Service



High Resolution (SLA) 3D Printing Service






Do you want to 3D print your part that has a lot of details, but not sure if 3D printing can capture all the details?

Or you have past experience 3d printing your parts, and were disappointed because the original details were missing?


I have good news for you.

Because those days are gone, with our High Resolution (SLA) 3D Printing Service.




High Resolution (SLA) 3D Printing Service in Selangor



RP Space is a 3D printing service provider in Selangor, Malaysia.

Through the use of our High Resolution (SLA) 3D Printing Technology, you could get 3D printed parts with details as small as 100 microns.





What Others Are Saying


“The 3D printing product was superb and very neat.

Plus the part was delivered on time and the after sales service provided was good.

Pleasure to work with them.”


QC Engineer

Tonasco (M) Sdn Bhd




“They helped me work on one of my ideas which I have kept with me for more than 2 years.

Also, the 3D printed parts looked beautiful.

They are very nice and easy to work with. I always get exactly what I want.”







Advantages of SLA 3D Printing

1. High Resolution

  • Allows for capturing of small details better than regular FDM


2. Surface Finish

  • SLA printed parts have smoother finish than FDM


3. Isotropic Properties

  • Uniform strength across all directions
  • Unlike FDM which is weaker in the Z-axis





Example Applications of High Resolution (SLA) 3D Printing


Display Models


Display models are custom made products, which makes 3D printing a great choice.

With our High Resolution (SLA) 3D Printing, you will get a high quality and presentable display model.

Printed in SLA means uniform strength in all directions, and lower chance of breaking the model.




Functional Prototypes


High Resolution (SLA) 3D printing allows for capturing of small details within the prototype, and thus creates a prototype that represents very closely to the final part.

The isotropic properties of SLA printed part means that it will be strong equally in all direction.

Which provides a very good strength representation of how the final part will behave.




Custom Casing/Enclosures


Some custom projects will require a custom casing/enclosure to complete it.

SLA 3D printing allows for the creation of a smooth 3D printed casing/enclosure for your project.




Aerodynamic/Hydrodynamic Projects


Aerodynamic/hydrodynamic projects that needs to cut through air/water very quickly requires a very smooth surface in order to reduce drag.

Unfortunately, regular FDM 3D printing makes it difficult since the layer lines create a very rough surface on the part.

With SLA 3D Printing though, you can achieve a very smooth surface on your 3D printed parts, which allows for greatly reduced drag.

Making it very suitable for your race car/boat competition.





Delivered Right To Your Doorstep

Don’t worry about picking up your 3D printed parts.

We will arrange delivery service to deliver your parts right to your doorstep.






Finding a Good 3D Printing Service Provider can be Tricky.

Therefore, get a Free 3D Printed Sample before You Decide.




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