XXL 3D Printing Service



Get 3D Printed Parts, As BIG As You Want.






Do you want to 3D print your part, but the part is very large and you are not sure if anyone can 3D print it for you?

Or you have past experience reaching out to service providers and were rejected because the size is too big?


Not anymore.

Because those days are gone, with our XXL 3D Printing Service.





XXL 3D Printing Service in Selangor



RP Space is a 3D printing service provider in Selangor, Malaysia.

And yes, there are a limit to the build volume of the machine used to 3D print your parts.

However, the digital file can be separated into several smaller parts.


These smaller parts can be printed separately and then bonded together after the printing process to eventually become the part that you are looking for.



But wouldn’t the part integrity be compromised (aka, the part becomes weaker)?

Don’t worry, through our knowledge on High Strength 3D Printing, and by using our in-house developed Steel Skeleton Reinforcement (SSR) technology, we will make your large part as strong (if not stronger), than if it was printed as one whole piece.



What about the seam lines (aka, lines at areas where the parts are bonded)?

Wouldn’t it be visible?

Don’t worry, through the use of our Surface Smoothing 3D Printing Service, your large parts will have no visible seam lines.

In fact, the surface finish is comparable to those of injection moulded parts.



All in all, with our XXL 3D printing service, you large part will be printed as if it was printed as one whole piece.



3D Print Extremely Large Parts,

Without Sacrificing Strength or Aesthetics.





What Others Are Saying


“They did a great job in every single aspect, and with a very quick turnover.

I highly recommend to others who are looking for their service.”


Managing Director

Amware Industries Sdn Bhd



“They helped me work on one of my ideas which I have kept with me for more than 2 years.

Also, the 3D printed parts looked beautiful.

They are very nice and easy to work with. I always get exactly what I want.”






Example Applications of XXL 3D Printing


Life Size Display Models


Display models are custom made products, which makes 3D printing a great choice.

Pairing that with XXL 3D Printing allows you to 3D print Life-Size Display Models.




Cosplay Props


3D printing and cosplay props are a great match, allowing individual to create complex-shaped props with ease.

And with XXL 3D Printing, you can 3D print props as BIG as you want.





Delivered Right To Your Doorstep

Don’t worry about picking up your 3D printed parts.

We will arrange delivery service to deliver your parts right to your doorstep.






Finding a Good 3D Printing Service Provider can be Tricky.

Therefore, get a Free 3D Printed Sample before You Decide.




Redeem Your Free 3D Printed Sample Part Today

Don’t just take our word for it.

Redeem your own free sample part, to check the surface finish of the 3D printed part yourself.

(Completely free, we will even cover the shipping fee.)


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