High Strength 3D Printing Service



Get 3D Printed Parts, That Don’t Break.





Do you want to 3D print your part, but worry your printed part will break?

Or you have past experience 3D printing your parts, and quickly notice they are not strong enough for your application?



Everyone will run into this problem at some point.

The following scenario may be familiar to you.


You have a design, and you are excited to get it 3D printed.

It is even probably your first time.


Eventually, you found a 3D printing service provider.

You placed an order.

And after a few days, you received your part.


You put the part to test.

And…, “Cracked”.

The part broke.


Now you have to spend more time to prepare a new design, and get it 3D printed again.

Hopefully this time it will not break again.


After a few days, you get your new part.

You put your part to test again.

This time, very carefully…

And……, “Cracked”.

It broke again.


Now you are really frustrated.

It drives you crazy.

And eventually, you conclude that 3D printed parts are weak, and will never use it for functional parts anymore.



I get it, it can be incredibly frustrating.

You are hoping that 3D printing could solve your problem.

But it ends up created more problem for you.


And you are not alone.

Because most people run into this problem too.



But, I have good news for you.

Because those days are gone, with our High Strength 3D Printing Service.





High Strength 3D Printing Service in Selangor



RP Space is a 3D printing service provider in Selangor, Malaysia which specialize in high strength 3D printing.

We recently developed a Steel Skeleton Reinforcement (SSR) Technology for our 3D printing service.


This means parts manufactured through our 3D printing service could achieve strength close to metal, with the help of SSR.



So when you put our 3D printed part under load.

You can be sure of one important thing:

It won’t break.





The Closest Thing To Metal 3D Printing Service,

But Faster And More Cost-Effective.




What Others Are Saying


“They did a great job in every single aspect, and with a very quick turnover.

I highly recommend to others who are looking for their service.”


Managing Director

Amware Industries Sdn Bhd




“Great quality, solid parts delivered on time.

A really good service and I would recommend”





“The 3D printing product was superb and very neat.

Plus the part was delivered on time and the after sales service provided was good.

Pleasure to work with them.”


QC Engineer

Tonasco (M) Sdn Bhd






Example Applications of High Strength 3D Printing


Custom Jigs and Fixtures

3D printing is great for custom jigs and fixtures.

Engineering grade materials have sufficient strength and durability to handle most task required by jigs and fixtures.

At the same time, 3D printed jigs and fixtures can be completed in a far shorter lead time than one that is CNC machined.



Functional Prototypes

3D printing is great for rapid prototyping.

Being able to print with engineering grade materials allow for printing of prototype that needs to handle some serious load, and to perform actual, functional testing.



Spare Parts On-Demand Production

3D printing spare parts is great, because you do not have to stock up a huge inventory of spare parts.

Instead, you can store them as digital 3D files and get them 3D printed on-demand.

This makes it more cost-effective to 3D print spare parts.


Besides, 3D printing allows you to further customize the spare parts, to make it function better than the original design.

You could also 3D print spare parts that are already obsolete.

All without the high cost involved in other manufacturing methods





Delivered Right To Your Doorstep

Don’t worry about picking up your 3D printed parts.

We will arrange delivery service to deliver your parts right to your doorstep.





Working Parts Guarantee


We understand that even with all these benefits, risks still exists.

Therefore, we are providing a Working Parts Guarantee for our High Strength 3D Printing Service.


That means you either get 3D Printed Part that works, or you get it for FREE.






Finding a Good 3D Printing Service Provider can be Tricky.

Therefore, get a Free 3D Printed Sample before You Decide.




Redeem Your Free 3D Printed, High Strength Sample Part Today

Don’t just take our word for it.

Redeem your own free sample part, to test out the strength of SSR for yourself.

(Completely free, we will even cover the shipping fee.)



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